Double Exposure Selfs, the dreamlike Way

The Story

Who am I?
A Lucid Dream.

Who am I? A Lucid Dream!

Lucid Dream: Self-concept is the road embodying the answers to the question »Who am I?«. By that, it is not less than the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, picking up a famous quote from popular literature. It inherits all our past, present and future selves. It is all about the ghosts of the past and the lights of what has still to come.

During a lucid dream we are aware that we are dreaming. Up to some degree we have some control over characters, narrative and environment. It is a door between two worlds, two coequal realities depicting one life: The concept of ourselves and the world we live in.

An Anthology of Self Portraits

»Lucid Dream: Self-Concept« is a part of my perpetual anthology of experimental self portraits of double exposure film photography / multi exposure film photography, playing rogue and gently same time with that one basic question to the answer »42«.

In case you missed them, I would like to invite you to also watch the previous parts of this conceptual anthology and walk with me through the foggy perception of a dreamlike photo series. It all started with Multi-Exposure: Flashlight Experiments many years ago, followed by A Self-Portrait: I and I – Never Alone. And the most recent series Good & Gone – Celtic Iron, Double Exposure you should definitely not miss!


Nikon F100, set to double exposure.


Kodak Tri-X 400, Rodinal one shot 1+50 for 10,5min.


Styria, Austria.


The Photos

Who am I?
A lucid dream.


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